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Whether you're selling with an agent or going it on your own, Tract is here to ensure that you convey clear title to the buyer of your home.

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What is title?

As a seller, you have to convey what we call "clear" or "marketable" title. There are certain items that have to be checked off a list of requirements from an underwriter in order for them to issue a title policy to the new buyer. Tract Title takes the hard and guess work out of title.


Why use Tract Title?

As a seller, we want you to be able to focus on getting your home show-ready and getting top dollar for your home! Tract Title is committed to educating you along way and working behind the scenes to ensure you have a closing that runs smoothly.

Know your seller net as your head into the listing process.

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We know you're on the go. That's why Tract Title's ordering process is too. You can download our app to submit an order or click the button below. It goes straight to our system so we can open your order the day you submit. That's efficient.

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Title fees don't have to be obscure. Find out what your settlement and insurance premiums will cost before you head into the contract phase.